The 5 Best Starter Soldering Kit for Beginners in 2022


Last updated Jan 22, 2022

Want to make some jewelry? Or fix broken electronics? Use soldering irons! Soldering iron kits are tools that you can use to fix electronics, weld, build circuit boards and more. Soldering irons are handheld tools used to join two workpieces together. And here, we’re going to show you five of the top soldering kits for beginners.

Here’s a quick overview our top picks before we dive into the details.

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Editor’s choice – Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

This is a 14-in-1 soldering kit that comes with a soldering iron, 5 multiple soldering tips, tin wire tube, soldering iron stand, tweezers and the like. The iron is a 60-watt device so it heats up very fast. The soldering iron support station included in this Anbes kit is a standard dual spring soldering iron holder so you won’t always have to hold your soldering iron in your hand. The solder sucker desoldering pump has an aluminum body frame which allows for one-handed use. Its screw thread has a heat and impact resistant design. There are lots of great features with this Anbes soldering kit making it our top pick!

This is an Amazon best seller in soldering irons with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. The Anbes kit comes at an affordable price with lots of components making it unique. A customer reviewed the product and said that they didn’t expect much for the price but was “very pleasantly surprised.”

“Great bang for the buck.” – Amazon Reviewer


  • Affordable
  • Includes toolbox to store and organize the components
  • Solder heats quickly and its temperature adjusts
  • Includes 5 other soldering tips


  • In some cases, the soldering iron heats up through the rubberized grip making it uncomfortable to hold
  • This kit is very basic so you might not have the right tools for advanced jobs
  • It has no power switch. As soon as you plug it in, the iron will start heating up.

Runner up – Sonrinss 60W Soldering Iron Kit

This is another 14-in-1 soldering iron kit with tools that can be widely used for welding circuit boards, jewelry, appliance repair and the like. Know nothing about soldering? Don’t worry. There’s an instruction manual included with the kit!

The Sonrinss soldering iron’s temperature range can be varied from 200°C to 450°C. The five extra different tips suit various welding purposes and the soldering iron is a plug-and-play sort of thing. It comes with a toolbox as well.

This is a popular soldering iron kit and it rates a high 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Tools can be widely used for a multitude of projects
  • Heats up quickly
  • Kit includes more than a soldering iron – tweezers, a cleaning sponge and more
  • Includes an instruction manual


  • Not for high-end projects or complex electronics
  • Doesn’t have a power switch

Honorable mention – Soldering Iron Kit, ebasic Full Set

This kit has a highly efficient ceramic heating core with an adjustable temperature range of 220°C – 400°C. It is equipped with a power switch on the handle and the handle’s shell is made of safe and durable materials. It is inclusive of 14 components that you can use to weld, make jewelry, fix electronics and the like. The ebasic kit has 4 multiple tip replacements as well as a soldering iron support station with a secure base. It also comes with a soldering tip cleaner and a case or toolbox. This kit is great for beginners.

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, the ebasic is praised for its completeness, flexibility and compactness. An Amazon reviewer says that its “a great soldering kit, ideal for creating lots of different designs as there are lots of different accessories included.”. This kit is great if you’re still learning all about soldering. The solder heats up fast and comes with a handle shell making it safe to hold. Here are some pros and cons you can consider.


  • 14-in-1 kit
  • Includes a solder that has an adjustable temperature
  • Comes with 4 multiple tip replacements and a soldering tip cleaner
  • Comes with a case or toolbox
  • Includes a power switch on the handle
  • Solder heats up fast


  • There are lots of extra accessories that might be of use to advanced users
  • Reports of temperature control not working consistently

“This helps me iron things out.” – Amazon reviewer

Best portable soldering kit – Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit

The Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is a basic battery powered kit that comes with a soldering iron, 5 solder tips, a stand, an anti-Static tweezer, a solder wire tube, a desoldering pump and a durable tool case. The 110V 60W soldering iron heats up quickly because of its advanced ceramic printed heater that will heat the solder up to the targeted temperature quickly. Its adjustable temperature ranges from 200°C – 450°C. The large venting holes makes this soldering iron energy-efficient. The desoldering pump is upgraded! You can use the soldering iron with only one hand. It is constructed simply which benefits beginners. The description of the product says that “you can cock it and press the trigger button with one hand”.

The soldering iron kit comes with a multifunctional durable plastic tool case that makes this kit convenient to store small tools and makes it easy to carry. Thus, we have deemed it the best portable soldering kit.

Amazon’s rating would be 4.4 out of 5 stars. Reviewers of the product keep talking about the functionality and the value of the product. A Reddit Review says that the soldering iron is great because it comes with an inline on/off switch. “The stand and sponge are basic but functional”, they say. They continue saying that the tweezers are “very very useful” and the case was “useful because now all my electronics are in one place and I can find things again.”. It is constantly praised for the fact that its high quality and comes at a low cost. An Amazon Reviewer even states that they “would have paid 3 times the price easily for this.”.


  • Includes tweezers, a sponge that lasts long, a holding stand that is functional and of good quality and more
  • Tips can easily be switched out
  • Soldering iron heats up quickly and is energy-efficient
  • Affordable


  • Temperature control doesn’t work well.
  • The lowest setting for the temperature of the soldering iron might still be too hot for small devices.

Best value – TBBSC 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

This kit comes with five soldering iron tips that can meet different basic soldering jobs. The 60 W soldering iron heats up fast with an adjustable temperature that ranges from 200°C – 450°C. The soldering iron doesn’t need a soldering station. All you need to do is plug it and you can use it.

The Amazon rating for this kit is 4.4 out of 5 and it is one of the cheapest kits on Amazon. An Amazon Reviewer says that it’s “good for beginners” and another says that it’s “great iron for the price”. It’s constantly praised because it’s easy to handle and use. A Reviewer even says that they’re now “soldering like a pro”.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for beginners and easy to use
  • The soldering iron heats up well
  • You can change the temperature for the soldering iron
  • Includes extra tips of various sizes, a stand and sponge


  • Doesn’t include a tool case
  • No power button or switch – heats up immediately when you plug it.



The first part of the criteria would be popularity. We checked the Amazon ratings as well as the reviews on YouTube, blogs on Google, on Amazon and Reddit. We wanted to pick the top 5 products that were popular and people found really good.

Features or Specifications

We also wanted to make sure that the kit included great soldering irons and components with unique features such as the “plug and play” feature or the on/off switch on a soldering iron. We also chose the products based on how good the quality was. Did it last long? Did it work well? Was it easy to use? We wanted to make sure that you could use the kit more than once and it wasn’t easily breakable.


Another part of the criteria would be usability. We wanted to make sure that beginners could easily use the soldering iron kits. The on/off switch as well as the “plug and play” features made the soldering irons easy to use. Some might want to change the temperature of their soldering iron. Some might want other components such as a case or tweezers. We considered all this as we chose the top 5 products for this article.


The last part of the criteria would be the reviews. Again, we checked reviews on YouTube, blogs on Google, reviews on Amazon and Reddit and we wanted to see how people like the product so we could make sure that you would like them too.


What is the best soldering iron kit for stained glass?

The Hakko FX601 is a great soldering iron kit for stained glass. The 67W Soldering iron has an adjustable temperature feature and lots of reviews say that it’s the best for stained glass. The quality of this product exceeds that of cheap hobby irons. With advanced electronic controls, it’s a reliable tool with consistent performance making it a great soldering kit for stained glass.

What is the best soldering iron kit for jewelry making?

The Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is best for jewelry making. It’s a 15-in-1 kit with a soldering iron that heats up fast and maintains a certain temperature for extended periods of time. The soldering iron also has a high wattage and that ensures that this solder will regain any heat lost during soldering.

3. Where can I buy a soldering iron kit?

The kits we’ve reviewed are all available on Amazon right now.


A soldering iron kit is great for jewelry making, welding, fixing electronics and more. They come with tweezers, sponges, soldering stands and the like. All the soldering iron kits I’ve stated are beginner-friendly which makes them easy to use. To summarize here are the top 5 soldering iron kits for beginners: